Donate Your Car

If you’re wondering how to donate your car then you need to make sure you start by selecting an approved organization and to get your tax receipt from them.

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Pick the Right Charity

With many car donation charities to pick from, there is some important factors to consider before deciding, including reputation and the vehicle valuation.

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Charitable Tax Receipt

You’re charitable tax receipt is what will allow you to make your tax deduction. But remember, there are other forms you must fill out as well from the IRS.

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Pick Up Services

Many donated vehicles are too large to move or the owner is unable to move them. Call ahead to your organization for a free charity pick up service.

Car Dolly Rentals

A car dolly rental is a great way to bring your donated vehicle to the charity and save the organization the time and money picking up the car.

Donated Cars for Sale

There are many resources available if you are in need of a vehicle and do not have the required funds to purchase one. Donated cars for sale is one option.

Get a Free Car

If you’re wondering how to get a free car, then you need to check out these resources. There are many websites and charities that sell and give cars away.


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Why Wheels for Wishes?

Have you been wondering what to do with that old vehicle in your driveway? Don’t have the time to sell it yourself? Then donate it to Wheels for Wishes!

Wheels for Wishes is a part of the Make a Wish Foundation, so every donation you make goes towards helping local children with life threatening illnesses.

Wheels for Wishes does everything for you. They pick up your vehicle, give you a tax receipt and leave you with a clean driveway and a warm heart.

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Charity Car Auction

Donate Car to Charity California

Free Charity Cars Organization Review

Charity Car Auction

Have a vehicle to donate?

Donate and give your organization the proceeds.

Want to purchase a vehicle but are low on funds?

Buy a car from an auction and help a charity.

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Wheels for Wishes need your help to reach their goal of helping 10,000 people. Help make a vehicle donation today!

Make a Donation

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