How to Get a Free Car


Posted Saturday September 13, 2014 by admin

How to Get a Free Car

Just about everyone needs a vehicle in their daily life. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make them any more affordable. Fortunately, there are a number of options for those who are looking to find a car for free.

How to Get a Free Car | Qualifications

Those who qualify for free cars have to live on a very low income—so low, that purchasing a vehicle is unrealistic without assistance. Other qualifications are generally necessary too, like being:

  • The victim of domestic abuse
  • The victim of a natural disaster
  • Employed, but unable to get by
  • Housed in transitional shelters
  • In a transition from public assistance to employed
  • A non-profit organization
  • Elderly or medically needy
  • Part of a military family in the middle of a hardship

1-800 Charity Cars

One of the easiest ways to get a free automobile is by going to 1-800 Charity Cars. This philanthropy has levered the power of social media to help those who need a vehicle.

The website features profiles set up by those in need. So if you’re wondering how to get a free car, start there by creating an account that explains why you’re in need. People then vote for those they feel are in the most need and the person with the most support stands the best chance of being allocated a vehicle at no cost!

Online Car Donation Charity

Another example of a resource for those trying to figure out how to get a free car is Online Car Donation Charity. This philanthropy is focused specifically on women who have been victims of domestic abuse, families in homeless shelters, people with physical disabilities, non-profit organizations, families supporting themselves and military families.

To apply, simply leave your name with the charity and provide your contact information. Offer them a brief explanation of your current situation and your automobile needs.

Vehicles for Change

The philanthropy has been helping people get the vehicles they need for over 15 years now, so you know they’re reputable. To qualify for a free car, you’ll need to prove to the charity that you’re on the road to self-sufficiency, but that transportation is currently an issue keeping you from finding employment.

This means you need to show the organization that you currently have a job offer that would give you at least 30 hours a week of work. You also need to be insurable and have a driver’s license. Those with extensive criminal records will not be considered, nor will anyone who is using drugs or already has a car in the household.

With Causes Charitable Network

Finally, with so many other organizations out there that can provide you with a free vehicle, it might make sense to begin your search at With Causes Charitable Network. This organization is dedicated to helping individuals and families who live off a low income find philanthropies that will be most likely able to help them.

How to get a free car is probably a lot easier than you think. The foundations above are just a small sample of the many that are willing to help.