How to Find Donated Cars for Sale


Posted Thursday June 26, 2014 by admin

How to Find Donated Cars for Sale

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, you may be intimidated by the price tags you find at local dealerships. Even used cars can come with less than friendly costs. Unfortunately, not having a car could mean that you aren’t able to hold down a job or see your children as much as you’d like. Should this be a predicament you find yourself in, consider looking for an opportunity of purchasing a vehicle from a charity.

Donated cars for sale provide a number of unique benefits that include:

  • A reliable car from a trustworthy organization (no fear of buying a lemon)
  • Reduced prices
  • Helping out a charitable organization

Buying from Charities

Let’s look at that last point a little closer. Countless charities accept vehicles as donations. They then put up these donated cars for sale and use the proceeds to help out those in need (or, in the case of charities like the Humane Society, animals). While some charities may specialize in vehicles, chances are your favorite philanthropy will take your vehicle off your hands and sell it for the proceeds.

Find a Reliable Vehicle

Another point worth elaborating on is the fact that, counter to what you may have heard, you can find a very reliable vehicle at a charity car auction. Buying repossessed vehicles is always a gamble, even if you get a great price, but doing so from a charity guarantees the automobile went through a professional inspection long before you ever saw it.

That’s not to say you won’t find cars with some damage or that may need minor repairs, but you can rest assured, the charity will be upfront about these issues. You can always do research to ensure the philanthropy you’re buying from has a reputation for being upfront about their vehicles.

Plus, many vehicles aren’t even that old. People often donate vehicles that are just four or five years old, but even those with more years on them went through that inspection we talked about. Don’t forget, too, that many older cars actually get much better gas mileage than today’s contemporary models.

Despite all this, you can still look forward to an affordable price. You’d be surprised at how few people actually consider buying vehicles from a charity. Furthermore, as they’re donations, these cars represent pure profit to the philanthropies selling them, meaning they don’t need to tack on absurd overhead.

No Hassles

If you’ve ever bought a new car from a dealership, you know that part of the deal involves putting up with a firestorm of offers you probably aren’t interested in, adding to the sticker price. Obviously, buying a used vehicle from the owner comes with just as many challenges.

You won’t find any of these issues with charities though. What you see is what you get at the price you agreed on.

Requirements For Qualification

Not just anyone can buy donated cars for sale. In order to qualify you have to be “in need” in some verifiable way. Most charities will also focus on specific people who need help. So, for example, you may find an organization that assists women who have experienced abuse or other victims of domestic abuse. Many philanthropies focus on helping veterans find vehicles. Still others look to aid people transitioning from a life of poverty to more stable living conditions.

Not all charities operate this way though. Some sell their donated vehicles to just about anyone. The only reason they’re selling them is so that they can then use the money to help those in need. In such a situation, no real requirements apply in order to buy a car so long as you have the money to pay for it.

Buying a Donated Car

If you meet these requirements then one of these charities will sell you a car for cheap. Usually, the idea is that by getting some money from you they can also help others by keeping their organization going. Still, you get a brand new car at a pittance compared to the actual sticker price you could expect.

Where to Find Donated Cars for Sale

  • Finding Cars Online
    • If you want the absolute best selection of donated cars, head online. Know that this will mean spending more, though, as you’ll also be looking at greater amounts of competition. You’ll also have to pay for shipping. Nonetheless, charities like Goodwill have a number of vehicles you can find through their website. eBay is actually a good place to find donated cars at low prices too.
    • The great thing about this site is that it works with a number of different philanthropies that have donated cars for sale, so you get a chance to gauge the market in terms of which organizations are right for you.
    • Though this website isn’t dedicated solely to donated cars for sale, they have enough available throughout the year that it’s a good place to check back on regularly.
  • Wheels for Wishes
    • To most, The Make a Wish Foundation needs no introduction. It’s an organization dedicated to making the dreams come true of children suffering from serious medical illnesses. By donating them your car, they’ll sell it off and use the money to fund their good works. Contact them about where you can find a donated car for sale if you’re interested in giving them your money.
  • Habitat Humanity
    • Unique to this organization is their goal to make sure that everyone has a suitable and safe home to give in. They are also advocates to raise awareness of the new for affordable housing.
  • National Federation of the Blind
    • This charity works with helping the blind create a comfortable living experience but also to learn that their blindness is not an obstacle and that they can still accomplish their dreams.
  • Salvation Army
    • The Salvation Army is an international Christian organization that is committed to helping impoverished people as well as educating people about poverty. They operate in 120 different countries providing assistance to those in need, shelters and rehabilitation programs.
  • Your Local Church
    • Depending on where you live, just about every local church will have donated vehicles they can sell. If not, they should at least be able to point you in the right direction. Many churches specialize in this form of giving, making it easy to find vehicles for sale for a good cause.

There are too many reasons to purchase your next vehicle from a charity to list them all here. But the main takeaway should be that it’s as easy—if not more so—to purchase a vehicle from a philanthropy and it means you’ll always feel good about driving it around.