Free Charity Cars Organization Review


Posted Wednesday May 15, 2013 by admin

Free Charity Cars Organization Review

A Review of Free Charity Cars

If you’re in the market to donate your car to a worthy cause, don’t just select any organization out there. Instead, make sure your vehicle is helping people as best as possible by doing your research and choosing a reputable philanthropy you’ll be proud to support. Recognize that this vehicle represents a very sizable donation on your part, so you definitely want to make good use of it. Today, let’s take a look at what Free Charity Cars brings to the table.

Mission and History

One of the many nice things about Free Charity Cars is that it has a long and respected reputation. They’ve been helping people who need cars for nearly 20 years, so if you have any concerns about their dealings, it’s easy to research (aside from this review, of course).

Their mission is “To engage in activities that uplift humanity.” To that end, they don’t just donate cars to worthy causes, they also help people in a number of other ways with their necessities.

As a 501© non-profit charity, you can be sure that you’re donating to a worthy organization. Of course, this also means you’ll receive a tax deduction receipt for the value of your vehicle.


In many ways, Free Charity Cars is a pioneer in the field of donated vehicles. Since they began 18 years ago, the charity has seen more than 4,500 vehicles get donated to deserving families all throughout the country.

Unlike many other charities out there, this organization has largely leveraged the power of social media to help those in need. It works by allowing those who need vehicles to set up an account on the charity’s website. On this account, they tell potential donors what they need a vehicle for and anything else they deem important about themselves.

Then, people vote these individuals up if they believe they deserve the vehicle. After getting enough votes—provided they meet the charity’s requirements for a recipient—they will be given one of the philanthropy’s used vehicles.

So in many ways, it’s probably the most streamlined method for donating and receiving vehicles. While it’s plenty involved, this particular method, many would argue, ensures that only the most deserving people get the cars that are donated. If someone has an especially urgent need, they’re not left waiting in line behind others who might not need the vehicles as badly.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you don’t have a car to donate or you already gave yours up, there are other ways you can help people get the assistance they need where a vehicle is concerned. The major one would be to help someone set up a profile so that they can begin receiving votes. You can even use social media in order to help them come up with more votes. You don’t have to be especially tech-savvy, just understand how social media works and you’ll be on your way.

So if you want to help people receive used vehicles, Free Charity Cars cannot be recommended enough.