Car Dolly Rental Advice


Posted Tuesday December 02, 2014 by admin

Car Dolly Rental Advice

Using a Car Dolly Rental to Donate Your Vehicle

Deciding to donate your vehicle to a charity is a great way to get rid of a car you no longer need while ensuring it goes to a good cause. However, you may also want to consider a car dolly rental for transporting your vehicle.

Why Use a Car Dolly?

Most charities will offer to come get your car for you. However, this costs them money, especially if they have to hire a towing company to do the job. But a car dolly rental is affordable and will save the charity the time and money they’d otherwise have to spend.

It’s also beneficial if your car has already seen better days. Many charities will take about any vehicle, including those that hardly run. By towing your vehicle to the charity with a dolly rental, you don’t have to worry about these last miles causing the car unnecessary damage or otherwise making things worse.

Where Can I Find a Car Dolly to Rental?

Fortunately, finding a car dolly rental is easy. Countless companies offer them. These include:

  • Penske
  • U-Haul
  • Budget Truck
  • United Rentals
  • A to Z Rental

Mention that you’re looking to rent a dolly for a charitable donation and you may even get a discount on this already cheap rental.

Can My Vehicle Pull a Car Dolly?

Not every vehicle is able to use a car dolly rental though. You can always call the rental service and ask them if their dollies will work with your particular vehicle.

The good news is that most dollies can work with front-wheel drive cars as well as all-wheel drive vehicles. However, in order to prevent damage to your vehicle, you’ll need to disconnect its drive shaft. Otherwise, your transmission will inevitably suffer. Here, too, though, the rental service should be prepared to help.

That being said, you must rent a towing hitch too or the dolly will have nothing to connect to. Again, this isn’t a huge problem. Hitches are affordable to rent and the service should be prepared to connect it for you.

Can I Pull My Vehicle on a Dolly?

The other factor to consider is the donated vehicle as well. For one thing, it must feature lockable steering. Vehicles with rear- or mid-engines also will not work. As with the towing vehicle, the towed car must also have its drive shaft either disconnected or completely removed.


Don’t fret if your donated car can’t make it on a dolly. An auto transport trailer is the ideal solution. While it will cost more, virtually any vehicle can be loaded on one of these rentals and moved as all four wheels come off the ground. It’s also capable of handling much greater amounts of weight (over 5,000 pounds).

Again, though, you’ll need a hitch and you’ll want the professionals to advise whether or not your towing vehicle can support all the weight it will be towing behind it.

Renting a dolly to handle transportation is just one more way you can help the charity you’re donating to. So long as you follow the above instructions, this extra step doesn’t need to be a very big one either.