A Review of Wheels for Wishes


Posted Saturday January 18, 2014 by admin

A Review of Wheels for Wishes

Although it’s very kind of you to want to donate your vehicle to charity, you need to take care regarding which organization you give it to. Your car represents a lot of money and a life changing asset for the person who ends up with it, so don’t just go with the first philanthropy you come across. Instead, be sure you consider all your options out there. Wheels for Wishes is definitely one of the most popular ones.

Background of Wheels for Wishes

Wheels for Wishes is part of the Make a Wish Foundation. Make a Wish Foundation helps children who are facing life-threatening prognosis about their health due to medical conditions. As their name suggests, they essentially grant them a wish, whatever it may be. Since 1980, the organization has assisted more than 334,000 kids all over the globe.

Donating Your Vehicle

It’s understandable, then, that countless people donate to the Make a Wish Foundation every year, in an attempt to help these children see their wildest dreams fulfilled. One important way many help out is through the charity’s Wheels for Wishes program. Essentially, you donate your vehicle to them and then they sell it off and use the money to keep their philanthropy going strong.

So unlike other charities out there, they aren’t giving the vehicles to anyone. Obviously, they can’t hand over the keys to children. But your vehicle is still going to find a new home and help out some very deserving people in the process.

The organization accepts just about any vehicle too. They’ll definitely accept cars, vans and trucks. But they’re also more than happy to pick up your trailers, fleet vehicles, RVs, motorcycles and even boats. Most of the time, they can even take your vehicle without a title to go with it.

Furthermore, they’ll generally take vehicles no matter what shape they’re in. So even if you have a car that has seen better days or doesn’t even run in the first place and you don’t think is worth much, the Make a Wish Foundation is happy to accept it. They generally just recycle it as scrap metal, but that money can still go a long way toward helping a child in need.

Other Benefits

It’s hard to think of a more worthy cause than what the people at the Make a Wish Foundation are doing. However, there are still a number of other benefits to explore when you provide them with your old vehicle. For one, they’re a legitimate 501(c) charity, so you’ll be walking away with a tax deduction. They have chapters all over the country, so no matter where you are, they can come pick up your car for the utmost in convenience. They’ll also ensure that you’re helping out local children who live and have families in your community.

So if you have a car you don’t use anymore, consider eliminating the hassle of trying to sell it. Instead, enjoy a tax deduction and the benefit of knowing you’re helping some very worthy children through the Wheels for Wishes organization.